These are mods found on the Skyrim Nexus Site that are recommended for use with the Dev Aveza. All mods on this list have been used and approved by Deapri for use with the Dev Aveza.

This mod completely redesigns the user interface for Skyrim, changing it from the console-friendly but cumbersome interface to an attractive PC-optimized appearance. This mod also adds the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) to the Escape Menu selections. Dev Aveza is an MCM ready mod, and this menu interface includes all options previously found only in the Configuration Book as of version 1.5.8. As of version 1.6, the Configuration Book has been removed, making this a required mod if you wish to configure your ship. As of version 1.7, the MCM is required to select your hull and interior options, as the NMM installer was removed.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM)

This mod improves the meshes of many static objects. The chains found in the Original and Alternate interiors look much better with this mod installed.
This mod animates many clutter objects including sacks, hatchways and more. When used with the Dev Aveza, the hatch to head below decks will animate. (Be sure you are running version 1.6.32 or later of the Dev Aveza, as prior versions are incompatible.)
This is a mod that adds 2 spells to summon followers to your location, and is compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks, Ultimate Follower Overhaul or Extensible Follower Framework! Because of how it looks for and calls followers, it should work with any follower. Parts of AeonVita’s scripts were used as the base for the function that summons your (non-waiting) followers when you use the ladder or enter and exit the ship interior.
This mod was made to help you tell followers to use new homes across Skyrim. Because of the way the Dev Aveza’s full cabin was designed, many followers will not sandbox properly in it. This mod can overcome this, allowing you to tell your followers to work and sleep in specific areas around the ship.
The name says it all, adding exceedingly heavy crossbows to the game which will give the hand held assault capability of an airship pirate!
Adding some unique tools which come with this mod can help getting on and off the ship via rope arrows while in locations which have limited or no locations in which to moor the ship. The rope arrows from Sneak Tools inspired the functionality of the ship’s rope ladder!
Be sure to check either of these two’s suggested mods for more book adjustments. There are several mods that expand the number of books allowed on bookshelves. These two do not have .esp files like the outdated Unlimited Bookshelves.