Full Cabin Autosorting – A Visual Guide

Upon entering the Full Cabin, you will find this to your forward right:
Through the doorway to left of the lever is the crafting room. Next to the bookshelf on the left when entering is this this:
In the center of the room is this:
In the back right corner:
Continuing clockwise to your right:
Coming back out of the room and heading to the right, you will pass through a dining room, then a lounge. The shelf in this room, which I do not currently have an image of, is a display case for Daedric artifacts. The last room in this direction is the Captain’s cabin. In this room, across from the bed, you will find this:
Heading back to the entryway, going through the other door will take you to the study. In this room you will find this:
In front of the desk is the doorway to the library, and on the table you will see this:
Back in the navigation study, did you notice that suspicious Wardrobe? Let’s have a look inside!
Now, look to your immediate right from here to find this:
Let’s go back to the entryway and down the ladder to the lower level. To your left is the armory. On top of the shelf in that room is chests for all sorts of armor and weapons, which I have not taken pictures of. In the room across from the ladder is the kitchen. On the left wall as you enter, you will find a basket of vegetables, which is where raw foods are stored. I have not taken an image of it at this time. On the right side on the upper shelf, you will see barrels:
On the lower shelf are crates of wine and mead:
The final room is the engine room, which is where the forge and workbench are located. In the corner just inside the door, you will find this: