User Manual

You will find the ship by climbing the cliffs outside of Solitude across the harbor. The ship is parked behind the Blue Palace, overlooking the Morthal Swamp. Be warned, the Thalmor want this marvel for themselves!

Default Controls

  • Arrow Keys for Forward, Backward, Left and Right
  • Delete and Page Down keys to Strafe Left and Strafe Right
  • Right Ctrl for Down to decrease elevation
  • Right Shift for Up to increase elevation
  • Home key sets the Cruise Control on. Using any other ship key will turn it off again.
  • Number pad 0 key is the Handbrake to reduce speed
  • Enter key to Dismount, ending your current flight session
  • On cannons: Arrow Keys for Up, Down, Left and Right
  • On cannons: Spacebar for Fire!
  • On cannons: Enter to Dismount, ending your current firing session

Ship Configuration

Since version 1.6, the original Dev Aveza Configuration Book has been removed. This book no longer exists, please stop looking for it.

The ship can be configured via the Menu Configuration Menu from Sky UI.  Configuration options are as follows:
  1. Main Configuration Page
    • Set Flight Mode from “Attached to Ship” with a trailing camera, or “Player on Deck” where you can walk around the deck and fight anything in sight
    • Set Interior Mode to “Full Cabin” (default), “Original Cabin” or “Alternate Cabin”.  This option is not available while inside the ship.
    • Set Exterior Mode to “Armed”, “Dark” (default) or “Original”. This option is only available within sight range of the ship.
    • Turn “Player Counterbalance” scripts off and on. These scripts are only available to “Player on Deck” mode, and should improve flight experience in that mode.
    • The “Reset” button will reset the steering wheel if becomes unusable for any reason. Your character will also be placed at the wheel, useful when you are unable to reach the deck or in case of falling emergencies. This button is unavailable if the ship is not already nearby.
  2. Advanced Configuration Page
    • Assign customized keys for steering. Default key controls are listed above.
    • Assign customized power and mass limits. This allows you to adjust speeds and movements to work optimally within your Skyrim environment.
  3. Compatibility Page
    • Animated Clutter: Turns on a delay for hatch use to allow the animated hatches to open and close.
    • Better Vampires: Runs a script to add the “Full Cabin” interior to a vampire damage exception list located in Update.esm

Ship Features

  • Flight: The steering wheel on the pilot’s tower is a good, immersive way to start flying your ship!
  • Disembarking: The plank is port side of the bow, the giant bolts hide an activation switch. If the plank is stuck, try pressing the button again.
  • Disembarking: The rope ladder is on the starboard side, directly across from the plank. Again, the bolts there hide the activation switch.
  • Beacons: Airship captains with a knack for Dwemer smithing can now construct travel beacons. Drop one on the ground and set it up, and it’s light will help you guide your ship back to the beacon in the future. Plot the course to active beacons with your map, or use a beacon on the ground to summon the ship. Only one beacon can be active in each worldspace at a time, and cannot be placed inside of cities or buildings.
  • Cabin: Remember to have a look at the hatch on the port side between the pilot’s tower and the port sail-wing.
  • Cabin: All three interiors seem to have some kind of dwemer clank infestation. Although we haven’t been able to catch sight of them, they have been sorting all items dropped into the “storage” chest or cupboard closest to the hatch. Flipping the lever next to it will cause them to bring back all objects then shut down, but flipping it a second time will reactivate them.

Full Cabin Autosorting – A Visual Guide