Reporting Bugs

If reporting a problem, please verify the issue is not in the Known Bugs or FAQ and you have confirmed the source of the conflict.

If your game is not registered with STEAM please do not post until it is, or contact a Nexus Site Administrator about the status or your game. The mod is intended to function on a registered and updated version of Skyrim only.

Problem Reports MUST contain the following data.

Assume nothing!

Controller used? (yes/no) – I do not offer controller support, please duplicate the issue without a controller.
ENB or other .dll reliant Visual Mod installed? (yes/no) – I cannot support ENB’s or other .dll mods, please duplicate the issue without the visual enhancer.
Frames per second (FPS) when problem occurs? – The scripts will not function properly below 27 FPS. This is a game engine limitation. Please resolve your lag.

Version of Mod – Please include cabin and hull selected. If using the cannons hull, test with a different hull version.
Version of Game
Version of SKSE
Version of SkyUI – Even if you use SkyUI Away, this information will be important
Problem exists without any other mods installed? (yes/no)
Problem exists with no other mods but USKP? (yes/no)
Problem can be duplicated with XYZ Mods installed – Please verify each mod causing conflict individually.

Brief description of problem.

Remember to remove all save games and edited .ini’s from the save folder during issue verification. Main menu access can be obtained by use of the console command coc _da_skyship_interior_cs. This will place you in the Full cabin which can be exited to the exterior despite which interior you have activated in your game.

This information will make resolving problems with the mod actually happen. Not providing this information will waste a great deal of time for both of us.

When your bug report is ready, please post it here.

Need help resolving issues and finding conflicts? See our in-depth walk-through here.