Bug Archive

  • Followers will not follow you into the Cabin. If you enter the cabin, when you come back out it will be likely they’ve fallen off of the ship. The navmeshes needed for the AI system to see the cabin door cannot at this time be moved with the ship. – Fixed: As of version 1.7, followers using the vanilla follower system will now follow in and out of the cabin freely, thanks to AeonVita allowing the use of Summon Followers scripts in this mod.
  • If loading from the desktop while the ship is active, the control script will become bugged and read that you are flying when you are not. This makes you unable to activate the ship. Please save the game while dismounted to avoid this until a solution can be found. – Fixed: Use “Reset” from the MCM Menu to reset the the ship. It is still best to save when dismounted from the ship.
  • The “Attached to Ship” mode does not have any collision. Tell your followers to “Wait” somewhere safe before using this mode, and not on the deck of the ship. – Fixed: As of version 1.6, “Attached to Ship” mode is now safe for followers to be on the deck. Still probably best to tell them to “Wait” so they don’t try to run off the side of the ship during flight!
  • Transporting the ship to Solstheim destroys the map marker. Until this issue can be resolved, you should keep your ship and the configuration book on hand.  – Fixed in version
  • There’s a minor incompatibility between the Dev Aveza Dragonborn Patch and Dual Sheath Redux. If you have both installed, ensure the “DA_Dragonborn.esp” loads after “Dual Sheath Redux.esp” until this issue can be resolved. – Fixed in version
  • An incompatibility with Animated Clutter prevented entering the cabin. – Fixed in version 1.6.32
  • An incompatibility with Better Vampires was causing damage to vampires inside the Full Cabin. – Fixed in version 1.7
  • Obsolete! The configuration book has been removed with version 1.6 and later, please use the MCM interface instead. The book can be sold, dropped or lost. Entering help “Dev Aveza Skyship Config” 0 in the console will provide the item ID. Use player.additem XXXXXXXX 1 where the X’s are replaced with the item ID for your game to replace the book. If you use SkyUI version 3 or later, then you may use the Dev Aveza Mod Configuration Menu rather than the book.