When updating the Dev Aveza, starting a clean new game will always provide the most stable experience. To start a clean new game, remove your prior saves from your “Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves” folder before starting the new game. (These files may be saved elsewhere as backups.)
To install a major update to a game which had a previous version of the Dev Aveza, you may try the following steps instead:
  • Back up your save files, and optionally the version of the mod you currently have installed.
  • Empty all your personal belongings from storage inside the airship.
  • Go to a vanilla game interior and save the game. The Great Porch of Dragonsreach in Whiterun is a good choice, as its use in the main quest means it is not like to be modified.
  • Quit the game then uninstall the airship.
  • Load up the game, and open and close the MCM menu. If it doesn’t refresh and clear the menu after 15 seconds, a world transition, like between the porch and the keep proper, should help.
  • Wait for 32 days to clear out any resilient activity in cells and reset the world. Be sure to disable immersive need mods prior to waiting (RND at least has an MCM option for this). To make the wait easier, you may want to use No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu.
  • Save and quit the game. 
  • If using an external cleaner, run it now. Deapri uses Savegame Script Scalpel, though Save Game Script Cleaner may also be used. Be sure to make a backup of the post-wait save prior to running your choice of tool.
  • Install the latest version of the Dev Aveza.
  • After loading the game, open and close the MCM menu so it can force update itself.
We cannot confirm if a save where an external save game script cleaning utility is run without the 32 day in-game wait will function as well as a save with both the wait and the cleaning tool run, as Deapri always does both.

Please remember each time you update or unload and reload this mod in a single save game, there is a chance your flight experience will degrade. If you find your ship is unable to function as intended, we recommend starting a new game.

Hotfixes, patches, and other very small updates may potentially be applied without removing the mod from the save entirely first, but for most updates we recommend following the steps above.
As this mod is a work in progress, it is seeing fairly frequent updates. Save games in a modded game environment corrupt more easily than in an unmodded game. For optimum performance of this mod in your game, run it in a new game when updating.