Credits & Permissions


Muppetpuppet – Original model and interior (Without which I would not have been so inspired).
NoxyGame – Working airship mod (An unquestionable supporter and unyielding imagination).
DOSMaster – Script (Without whom the ship would be sadly immobile).
Kohdi – First interior redesign (Thank you for your enthusiasm and remodeling efforts).
Oaristys & Tony 67 – The fantastic Modder’s Resource Pack.
Runespect – The Resources for Modders compilation, and thanks to all the original creators of those items as well.
Borgut1337 – Inspiration for the rope ladder, based loosely on Sneak Tools Rope Arrows.
AeonVita – The Summon Followers script, used to make the scripts which summon followers when using the cabin hatch or rope ladder.
Chesko – Allowing use of their item placement offset script from Frostfall.

Sjogga – The original Auto Sorting scripts.
Tamha – Setting up the Auto-Sorting system in the Dev Aveza interiors, maintaining the mod information page, the web page, creating the now deprecated NMM and BAIN Installers, and beta tester.
darkedge42392 – For moral support and helping me through the more stressful stages of development on this continued work.
Forzane – Primary beta tester, dark hull texture reworking, and Nav meshing for full interior and approach.
Sphinx019 – Designing the full scale interior hull.
AndrewScrolls – Creating a beautiful map of Tamriel and allowing its use in the interiors of this mod.
THEphotographer – Made some of the earliest user images of the Dev Aveza, helping to make our user image section the lovely gallery we have today.
Dark0ne and the Nexus Staff for hosting this amazing community.
All of those wonderful people who have posted models and other resources to the community.
Bethesda Softworks – For making Skyrim and it’s Creation Kit.


Parts of this mod are the work of other creators. Before using any parts of this mod, please refer to their terms of use. Permissions can only be granted by the creator, and any permissions granted by me can only be applied to my own work. Please reference the credits above, as those creators are the ones you will most likely need to work with. I do not grant assumed permission, permission to use my work must be explicitly provided.

Some parts of my mod can be obtained in their original form from their original authors, MuppetPuppet being the original artist to create the ship hull and NoxyGame who made the original flight and cannon scripts. The assets in their form found in this mod are my own modfications, improvements and alterations for functionality in this mod. Permission to use the assets from those authors does not extend to the use of my versions of those assets.

This however does not supercede or replace any terms layed out by the Nexus site terms of use and those limitations of use as well.