Version 1.8.89
  • Corrected script issue where not all assets where changing properly when selecting a different hull type in MCM.
  • Corrected an issue which caused pixelated shadows for some users.
  • Modified lights in full cabin and added some different lighting techniques.
Version 1.8.88
  • Corrected script errors in sorting system (Overburdening the system will show freeze stacks in Papyrus if you have too large of a collection be aware the full sort and retrieval lever will likely cause papyrus logs to explode)
  • Corrected some issues with beacon summoning of the ship which caused some Papyrus errors (no effect on gameplay or ship functionality.)
  • Refined scripts to help ensure minimal script induced issues during use. (Tested primarily on New save, advise clean save if you have any unforeseen issues)
Version 1.8.87
  • Merged Previous hot-fix files into main archive.
  • Corrected for a script issue potentially disabling the player AI inadvertently.
  • Modified MC menu to check for key setting conflicts.
  • Implemented a flight elevation ceiling of 45000 units (a little above the Throat of the world’s Highest Point)
  • Set Player Counterbalance to Default ON (verified this will not conflict with use of a Controller)
Version 1.8.86
  • Adjusted climb lighting and ship deck lighting.
  • Added Object Property Handling system, extensive script restructure.
  • Significant improvement to Slide fix (Player Counterbalance)
  • Attached to ship mode will now set player model behind the wheel in a fixed position while camera retains previous position for the mode.
  • Plank size significantly increased.
  • Camera toggle added to MCM allows for flight mode change during flight session.
  • Multiple script improvements for flow and stability of new features.
  • Added teleport functions back in for followers specifically including functionality for UFO, EFF 4.0 and EFF > 4.0 (Need Quest ID for AFT and Immersive NPC’s to include those.)
  • Cleared obstructions from interior windows to allow more natural light flow, modified interior lights slightly (still has light clipping), re-sized and re-oriented smelter fire.
  • Corrected Armed version beacon and map functions to be more in line with other versions deploying ladder when reaching the map point and properly teleporting to the beacon when summoned.
  • Added triangulation method to ship as part of the NetImmerse functions when they have rotation.
  • Developed limited actor attachment functionality to the ship, currently used by 2 skinless biped Actors for use with camera focus functions.
  • Restricted player movement while attached to ship to retain static animation.
  • When switching from attached mode cruise if enabled will disable to allow natural speed reduction and limit chance of the player being knocked off the ship when descending the stairs.
Version 1.8.85
  • Added Daedric Artifact display, replaces mannequins
  • Increased flight update timer to improve functionality of movable on deck mode with counterbalance
  • Corrected issue with Plank which interfered with intentional functionality.
  • Moderate changes to interior lighting, may flicker, will be fully redesigned later.
Version 1.8.82
  • Corrected for unintended sounds in original and Alternate Interiors by changing acoustic space.
  • Attempted to correct for an issue which was affecting a user and seeing the beacons fail after a couple of in-game days in another world space by setting them and their corresponding light effects to player owned upon creation.
Version 1.8.8
  • Corrected an issue which, when using animated models for the trap doors would leave them in an open state after traveling via the interior maps.
  • Corrected a potential conflict which could cause fast travel to become permanently disabled.
  • Corrected an issue which prevented proper functionality of the reset feature of the MCM menu.
  • Added height limit and estimated current reading when using the rope ladder to give a basic reference on how much adjustment might be needed.
  • Slight increase to the length of the rope ladder and added dynamic placement to allow layered collisions to be referenced such as platforms and single layer boulders.
  • Significantly increased accuracy of the rope ladder system when determining distance to the ground.
  • Cleaned mod with TES5edit to remove any duplicate entries created during development.
  • Traveling between worldspaces via the interior maps will place you on the deck of the ship, some script delays may have you appear at the beacon briefly before moving to the wheel.
  • Refined several script functions to alleviate some potential internal conflicts which should lessen script delays if any were experienced (that were not intentional)
  • All functions and features of all three internal and external models verified in working order, beacon travel system tested with Skyrim, Solstheim, Falskaar, and Wyrmstooth.
  • Corrected an issue in the Map script that caused significant errors when moving the ship to Falskaar.
  • Modified beacon markers to remove the numerical end in their name as that was for testing and was not intended in deployed mod.
  • Modified the order of the markers for the beacon system to correctly reflect the assignments in the script.
  • Re-named sorting scripts to reflect uniformed capitalization of the Mod.
  • Corrected issue with Mannequin Sandbox status where some followers would see the mannequin as a hostile creature when sandboxing away from player view.
  • Corrected erroneous flag which made the invisible object used for determining height for the rope ladder appear in the leveled list when added from an external source, those additions such as sum or spike may need to be renewed to apply this correction.
  • Modified MCM script slightly to make ship model changes more consistent and smooth. There should no longer be a flash of no model during the change state. (primarily when changing to Original model)
  • Model corrections from Patch carried over (corrected Model state which caused a CK crash)
  • Corrected Texture path on Cannonballs (Armed Version)
  • Corrected Nav Mesh Bounds in Initial cells. (allows NPC’s to move more freely around on the stairs.)
  • Corrected Faces on Dark version to fix inverted shadows.
Version 1.8.7
  • Added Knot meshes to ropes
  • corrected multiple UV maps
  • Included all fixes relevant to 1.8.6
Version 1.8.6
  • Included hot-fix changes to 1.8.53 (Corrected placement of some walls and adjusted settings on leather containers. Modification to engine room including adjustment to smelter to remove steam venting into the library.)
  • Overhauled UV’s over the entire ship mesh. The textures should appear more pleasingly to look at.
  • Reduced polygon count bay more than 50% on the complete armed model the impact of these changes will very depending on which hull is used.
  • Aligned and removed excess mesh faces to provide an overall cleaner appearance.
  • Replaced stairs with a new model and added back rails around stairs and pilots tower.
  • Converted collision system to complex bodies for more accurate and responsive collisions, extended collision system to areas that previously did not have any collision.
  • Minor modifications to scripts to adjust for deck placement of the player when being moved by the script to avoid falling through the ship. Adjustment needed due to more accurate collision system.
Version 1.8.5
  • Added Auto-Sorting system to all three interiors.
  • Added edited (mod-tagged) auto-sorting scripts.
  • Replaced, removed, modified or added most containers in all interiors.
  • Altered some internal references (on containers and statics).
  • Replaced a bunch of “clutter” in the Alternate interior with static objects.
  • Fixed the Travel System maps in the Original and Alternate interiors.
Version 1.8
  • Added Beacon travel function, Beacons require Dwarven Smithing Perk to make.
  • Adjusted scripts to eliminate ship phasing out during activation.
  • Added Dwemer smelter model from community resources.
  • Adjusted some object placements in the engine room.
  • Revised archive folder structure, ensure old data is fully removed before updating. (Use manual install directions to find all file sources.)
Version 1.7
  • Removed installer, all options available on MCM
  • Re-structured all models for use of single esp
  • Removed Dragonborn esp patch in favor of reset ship location function.
  • Added Cruise control
  • Added vampire friendly option
  • Added scripts to move active followers into and out of the interior and ladder.
  • Revised all scripts for single esp functionality
  • Merged mutual scripts for easier editing
  • Reverted original model textures to original form
Version 1.6.51
  • Minor MCM adjustment
Version 1.6.5
  • Corrected 2 NavMesh Issues one exterior and one in the full interior.
  • Added Debug option to the MCM menu for issue isolation, currently will post to the papyrus log for player movement script source to isolate a random teleport issue.
  • Moved Interior selection to the MCM menu to simplify Mod development.
  • Modified hatch scripts to limit issues and isolate the transition away from vanilla script interference.
  • Tamha redecorated the crafting room for better animation placement.
Version 1.6.45
  • Several bug fixes and MCM expansion
Version 1.6.4
  • Expanded and improved MCM controls
  • Implemented slide fix changes on a toggle to address some previous issues.
  • Added a reset function to recall the ship in case of critical error. (immersion breaking, temp fix)
  • Improved heat sources for better Frostfall compatibility. (Full interior should read cool at all times, you will warm in any room of the ship regardless of this reading.)
  • Improved mesh placement and nodes for compatibility with animated clutter. (hatch now opens from the correct side.)
  • New Reset function will allow the ship to be populated in any exterior worldspace.
  • Improved flight launch script to limit loaded models at launch and hopefully help users with slower computers.
  • Worked out several bugs with the slide fix script which should limit random issues. (feedback desired)
  • Applied option limited to MCM to reduce accidental conflicts by changing settings during flight.
  • Slide fix switch requires both the fix toggle and movable on deck to operate reducing script load in attached to ship mode.
Version 1.6.34
  • Modified player on deck compensation script definitions to have less script impact.
  • Disabled slide compensations on Armed version due to internal conflicts which need to be resolved.
Version 1.6.33
  • Installers updated to current build text information
Version 1.6.32
  • Corrected mod conflict that could break the hatch.
  • Cleaned all module instances with TES5edit
Version 1.6.3
  • Added functions to reduce sliding in movable on deck mode.
  • Included Lighting adjustments from a previous addition
  • Reworked ship collisions for a slightly more accurate collision system.
Version 1.6.23
  • Update to the Full Cabin interior lighting.
Version 1.6.22
  • Corrected 2 bad references on containers.
  • Replaced bad collision model.
Version 1.6.21
  • Assigned all containers in ‘Full’ interior to player owned with mod specific references.
  • Removed 1 excess container in the initial entry (large chest). Advise emptying prior to update.
  • Added leather storage container.
  • Corrected script issue with the plank which prevented manual resetting of the plank via the plank switch.
Version 1.6.2
  • Refined Models and UV maps on Bore and gear shield meshes for all cannons on armed version.
  • Revised travel script to work better across all versions.
  • Armed version requires new main script, new save advised.
  • Revised armed version cannon scripts, should no longer see cannonballs dropping.
  • Heavily cleaned all versions with TES5edit, new save suggested.
Version 1.6
  • Hopefully resolved the issue where vampire characters were receiving damage in the full interior during daylight hours.
  • Improved travel system scripts to maintain proper orientation when arriving at the destination.
  • Altered NPC gear to be more balanced for the average level of obtaining the ship, and toughened up the last NPC a little to make them a little less of a pushover.
  • Implemented Forzanes new nav meshes which will make the full interior and initial obtaining more follower friendly.
  • Added water to the tubs in the full interior.
  • Made the full interior use a dynamic texture change for either hull version. (Original version needed a different frame texture to make this work, sorry folks.)
  • Reworked the full interior, if updating please remove all items from the interior and save prior to updating.
  • Implemented a collision workaround to enable actors to remain on deck in the attached to ship mode.
  • Removed the old book interface, the mod controls will be done entirely in the MCM menu from here on out.
  • Improved the flight scripts with NoxyGame’s modifications to resolve some minor situationally dependant flight stuttering for the ship. (This does not directly effect the player stuttering in the movable on deck mode as that is another issue.)
  • Added the BAIN Wizard installer, and quick install (one-click) setups for the NMM installer.
  • Finally killed the random platform piece floating over the Giant camp to the northwest of Whiterun.
  • Uploaded hotfix for eternal loading issue when returning from Solstheim. (Dragonborn users only)
  • Cleaned with Tes5Edit to remove error repots.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ship map marker to fail to populate in Dragonborn plugin.
  • Added heat sources for Frostfall to Original and Alternate interiors
  • Removed uneeded scripted player physics changed with recent game updates.
  • Cleaned all files with TES5Edit
Version 1.5.9
  • Added fade system to activating and deactivating attached to ship.
  • Added Forge storage
  • Minor exterior lighting fix
  • Added optional Dragonborn support
  • Added compatibility for Random Encounters
  • Fixed bookshelf spacing issue
  • Fixed sound issue after dismounting
  • Added Deadly Dragons compatibility to main file
  • Corrected lighting compatibility in Full Cabin interior
  • Completed reset function for crash recovery
  • Repaired multiple bad weapon racks in the Full Cabin interior
  • Added compatibility with Deadly Dragons to keep them from spawning in the Full Cabin interior
  • Made interior lighting heat source compatible with Frostfall in the Full Cabin interior
  • Corrected interior sounds
  • Fixed a Cell loading Bug that was effecting certain locations when entering the Full Cabin interior cell
  • Fixed the issues with loading from a new instance of the game while actively flying the ship
  • Corrected some minor placement and lighting issues in the Full Cabin interior
  • Fixed Weather mod compatibility issue
  • Fixed gravity bug if crashed or otherwise breaking scripts (mount and dismount to reset)
Version 1.5.8
  • Updated and implemented NoxyGame’s power and mass controls
  • Added new Full Cabin interior fitted from the ship’s hull
Version 1.5.7
  • Updated rope UV’s
  • Corrected minor rare lighting issue in Original interior
  • Adjusted some aspects of the Original interior
Version 1.5.6
  • Added Dark Version Hull texture rework
  • Implemented MCM compatibility into main file if Sky UI is installed
Version 1.5.5
  • Modified ladder height check script to limit an engine limit that caused it to stop functioning for some users.
  • Added some UV’s I have been working on to improve appearance.
Version 1.5.4
  • Increased the rope ladder delay slightly for games with slower physics activation.
  • Cleaned up the sails and envelope UV maps
Version 1.5.3
  • Added Dynamic Rope Ladder
Version 1.5.2
  • Cleaned .esp with TES5Edit
Version 1.5.1b
  • Added Kohdi’s interior
  • Broke and fixed lighting placement in Kohdi’s interior
  • Added Installer to allow users to choose interior and exterior combinations
  • Added Navmesh to approach ramps for NPC behavior: Lydia does not properly navigate
  • Fixed Shadow Striping effect on custom lighting
  • Repaced bandits with Thalmor more in line with Moonpath to Elsweyr
Version 1.5.1
  • Corrected some mesh problems
  • Fixed Plank script to work properly in a full 360 degree rotation
Version 1.5
  • Rebuilt the entire mod to help resolve random object related issues
  • Added lanterns to the ship (currently always on when dismounted)
  • Added a bandit encounter to the ship’s initial spawn
  • Relocated the ship to the cliffs of Solitude behind the Blue Palace
  • Added NoxyGame’s Strafing movement to the controls script
Version 1.4.1
  • Adjusted activate and dismount location to behind the wheel
  • Gangplank bouncing when deployed fixed
Version 1.4
  • Added stairs to the Pilot’s Tower
  • Fixed a bad texture in the interior
  • Set plank activator to deactivate after use
Version 1.3.1
  • Fixed an issue with a plank appearing in the cities and causing havoc
Version 1.3
  • Added gangplank
  • Added switch to activate plank
  • Cleaned scripts
  • Moved “Attached to Ship” mode camera
Version 1.2.1
  • Corrected cabin entrance location bug
  • Cabin access while in combat exploit fixed
Version 1.2
  • Added interior access
Version 1.1.1
  • Corrected a sound pathing issue in the Activation bell sound.
Version 1.1
  • Cleaned up the Dwemer Skyship references
  • Altered file structure to make compatible with Dwemer Skyship