“Bored of Skyrim lately? This mod is awesome. It will totally help rejuvenate the experience. The Dragonborn now travels by air.” – Halithorn

This is an informational page for the Airship – Dev Aveza mod for Skyrim. The official download is available from the Nexus Mods Skyrim site. The ship is initially parked on the cliffs of Solitude behind the Blue Palace.

This Airship was originally made by Muppetpuppet as seen in his mod Moonpath to Elsweyr. Deapri felt the ship model was gorgeous, and that it should have more use in his Skyrim game. He used the scripts from NoxyGame’s Dwemer Skyship Fully Flyable and some creative interpretation of custom complex collisions in making this Airship.

This site is intended to help you, the user, find the information you need in a clean and compact format. The links to all instructions, questions, bugs and changelogs are available on the sidebar.

German Translation Download
Japanese Support Page

Reported Conflicts:

‘HiAlgo Boost’ has been reported to cause complete control failure of the scripts, use of the two mods together may cause a great deal of problems, confirmation required.


Grand News! The renowned Captain Robert Brown has just passed on his blessing to create a sister vessel to the mighty Ophelia! We call on you Sky-Dogs to drop your shovels and maps, get to the ship works, and take up wrenches and torches with enthusiasm to bring this dream to life!  (Anyone interested in helping with this model please send me a PM.)
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